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There’s still time!


With the global economy a total bust, the Canadian Parliament on what they call, proroguement, aka an extended vacation or legislativly imposted calm- before-the-storm, and the transit system on strike here in Ottawa, it would seem as if everything is not as it should be at this festive time of year. It would appear that the only thing most people have going for them is a White Christmas! CBC reported that this would mark the first year since 1971 that we (all of us in Canada) would be able to share is such a glorious occasion. Still, despite our wishes, the sought-after white Christmas has brought sheer hell to most airtoprts and consequently, those families trapped in them! However, let me assure you, there is still time to turn things around. If not for the world, or for our country or my poorly managed city, do it for your self!

Take out those earbuds, get the loud speakers in check, throw on some slippers, some AA briefs and a hot tottie and JAM out! If this doesn’t get you smiling, I don’t know what will.

Dean Martin – Baby its cold outside (zshare)

Metro Station – Shake it (zshare) 

Here’s a recipe for a Hot Tottie,

3/4 c. any black tea

1 shot, and of course a little more for good measure, of Whiskey (…don’t be frugal here, but don’t get over zelous)

A squirt of lemon

A squirt of honey

A cinnamon stick

Either zap the tea for a minute or so in your domestic radiation device or let tea steep a couple of minutes in boiling hot water.

Throw everything else in there, stir it up (absolutly do not shake it!) with the C-stick.

Slam ‘er back (slowly) and shake it!


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