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Way to go Adele!


Its certainly been a slingshot into stardom year for British sweetheart Adele. Her soulful sound has a calming capacity to nurse you to sweet dreams while at the same time, her lyrics will leave you in an unnerving state of insomnia as you ponder their relevance to your life. A friend and local blogger over at Awkward Props posted this Green Lantern mix of Adele’s Melt My Heart,

Adele – Melt my heart (Green Lantern Mix) (zshare)

Her debut album, 19, has garnered her multiple nominations over the last year, including 4 Grammy’s! It seems to me she might have some new bragging rights to hold over fellow Brits, Lilly Allen and Amy Winehouse, who have yet to produce anything noteworthy beyond their debut albums.

Some have been quick to shoot her down as another one hit wonder. I hope not. Like Jos Stone, and unlike Lilly and Amy, Adele doesn’t need a dramatic narrative to sustain her success. Her voice appears to be carrying her just fine up to this point. Only time will tell.

Adele – Cold Shoulder

Adele – Chasing Pavements (zshare)


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