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Daft Punk and Justice take the Grammys

Daft Punk and Justice take home a Grammy?...or two?

Let me preface this rant by saying that I love Daft Punk and Justice. I nearly cried and certainly considered much worse measures when I was unable to see DP play in both Toronto and Montreal; and Justice, aside from Scream, though it was accompanied by quite the provoking video, what young chap doesn’t or didn’t have an initial love for them and everything that they produced over their MEGA success throughout 2006 and 2007? But this is precisely my point. What the hell year are we in? To my knowledge, neither Justice or Daft Punk produced anything new over the course of music that was 2008. Daft Punk grabbed 2 of the gilded gramophones; the first for Best Electronic/Dance Album for Alive 2007, released in the fall of 2007; the second, Best Dance Rerecording for ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’, a tune that was released nearly a decade ago (2001 to be exact)!!! Justice grabbed Best Remix for their take on MGMT’s ‘Electric Feel’ (Originally released in January 2008).

Either way, the Grammy’s suck, and France’s Daft Punk and Justice rock. I am happy that their success has been recognized on the mainstream level but will be displeased if i am to hear of them referencing that as a measure of their success.

Daft Punk – Touch it/technologic (zshare)
MGMT – Electric Feel (Justice RMX) (zshare)


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