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Obama is here….

…and so is the $2M worth of security.

Obama has, or will in mere moments, landed in Canada. Any moment now his motorcade will be passing by my office which faces directly in front of the Parliament Buildings. However, I don’t intend on moving to get a glimpse though – we have told there is little to no chance of us even getting a shot of the back of his head (Maybe ‘shot’ was a poor choice of words). The security initiatives have impacted the entire city, not to mention my work. We were told not to crowd windows and under no circumstances are we to open them or think of using the fire escapes. Apparently his life is more valuable than ours. From my desk, I can see snipers perched atop the East, Center and West Block, and the most heavily patrolled streets I have ever witnessed in this Capital City…More so than when his predecessor, George W. Bush, visited back in December of 2004.

In all seriousness though, this should be a pretty exciting day. Hundreds of people are flocking to the Hill bearing Canadian and American flags. If not to grab that next to nil chance of getting a glimpse of the worlds most famous and heavily protected man, at least just to show their support for the potential (re)union between Canada and the US amidst the eminent economic crisis.

I will try and grab some pics with my point and shoot and get ’em up here for you all to see the madness.


February 19, 2009 - Posted by | Jams |

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