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Buy it. Use it. Break it. Embed it!

Seriously though?! How small can the shuffle get before it gets embedded into your wrist for $79.95 ($99.99 CAD)? Let me assure you I will be one of the first in line for that experiment. The idea of one less device to carry around, one less battery to worry about, one less warranty to find is amazing. In all seriousness though, I give apple credit for squeezing a 4 gig music player into a device smaller than the average house key but I have two notable qualms that illustrate their narrow minded thinking.

1. This ipod reportedly speaks to you. Besides the fact that this just one other thing to go wrong, no one wants to listen to another digital voice! Could they not have worked in the tiniest LCD vertically down the side and shed a gig?

2. They have removed the controls from the pod itself and onto the headphones. This was probably the least wise move I have seen on behalf of a leading technology company since Lazar disc. Everyone knows ipod head phones are CRAP. Literally garbage. For 19.99 you can get a better pair at a 7/11. I am pretty sure they will see a decrease in sales for this exact reason.

Anyhow, I am considering updating my shuffle to a Nano anyway. And yes, in the same trip I will hit up the Sony Store and get some great, bass-pumping buds.


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