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40 minutes and my heart (and ass) are yours.

So I am ridiculously picky when it comes to denim. I want the perfect fit for every facet of my bottom half – legs, butt, thighs, calves, knees, shins, ankles, everything! As I scrounged to find the perfect attire for this evening’s affair I finally came by Naked and Famous Denim, a Canadian brand which I had only read about up until this point. Within in moments of wearing them I knew they were something special. I took them home and within 40 mins of breaking them in I realized they were easily beginning to compete with my other faves. Perhaps it is the perfect amount of stretch, the great deep colour with no contrived distressing or the seemingly custom made rise that offers them this prized status – not sure as of yet. Either way, they are awesome and ubelievably comfortable. I highly recommend them.

My Personal Faves:

Levis, 510 and Capital E (Matchstick slim)
Cheap Monday, Tight Italian Unwash
Naked and Famous, Skinny Guy
Nudie, Slim Jim and Gim Tim
London Trousers
Diesel, Gloovy and Thanaz


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