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Fedchuck aka fetch and Animal Collective.

1/2 Alive’s Tyler Fedchuckhas relabled himself Fetch. Despite his new name, the sound is still fantastically the same.

For those of you in the MTL area, or those who happened to make their way out there, I heard Animal Collective, weren’t really on the A game 2 weeks back. Still, I kind of hold a little hate for you as I would have loved to catch the show and judge for myself.

Animal Collective – Brother Sport
Animal Collective – Brother Sport (Fetch’s Tropical Preservation Edit)

What every happened to 1/2 Alive anyway? Have they retired into the abyss that is former hipster legends turned, dare I say, normal?


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Hatchmatik electofies my girls.

An acquaintance of mine and great dj of the north (Montreal), Hatchmatik, has jazzed up Animal Collective’s¬†epic tune, My Girls, giving it his well known and loved electro touch.

Animal Collective – My Girls (Hatchmatik Disco Bootleg)

Check the video to the original. Its pretty rad…and kind of scary at points. The mouths remind me of the sandworm in Beetlejuice.

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