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Crooked Telephone

While I am appalled by the amount of product placement in the video, I can’t deny my love for this song. As of late, this is by far the Crookers best work.

Lady Gaga – Telephone (feat. Beyonce) (Crookers Rmx)


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If you visit here often, you’ve more than likely come to know that I love remixes, remakes, retakes, re…you get the point, and I especially love an indie take on a pop hit. Well, Pompalmoosemusic has hit the beat of my drum here. I can’t find any mp3’s to share but vids are fun to watch. I’m wondering, are they a couple?

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On to the next one

The only thing that could make this any better would be replacing the Beyonce look-a-like with the real deal and throwing Travis Barker behind the drum kit. Otherwise, absolutely brilliant. I mean, how hard could it have really been to ask your wife to do what she does best atop of some faux-Louis trunks in your vid? And while we are talking about the trunks, could they not have been real either? Is that even Jay-Z?

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I truly believed that the wave that was MGMT that permeated every dj set for nearly a year was long over and replaced by the likes of Passion Pit and La Roux. But this weekend I was proven wrong when I witnessed Toronto’s Keys N Krates open with a jam-band version of Kids and Million Dollar Mano incorporate the same tune into the intro of his set, which, if I may take the time to say so, was awesome despite his complete lack of stage presence. Last week, URB mag nominated Kids for Song of the Decade. Now don’t get me wrong, the song is good (okay, great), but this nomination leads me to question if URB has the same perverted fools working for them as Billboard, who recently nominated Nickelback for band of the decade (who were, in contrast, voted worst band in the world by the Uk’s Word magazine), rulling out other competitors like Jay Z and Beyonce. I never thought I would ever be given the chance to utter the name Nickelback on this site. Anyhow, I digress, I awoke this a.m. to find this semi-dubstep take on MGMT’s hit on Audioporn Central. I guess the wave simply retracted to build some strength. Or perhaps its the end of the year and people are feeling particularly nostalgic as they prepare themselves for the holidays. Either way, enjoy.

MGMT – Kids (Bukez Finezt Rmx)

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Its Saturday! Now get naughty, girls…

Beyonce – Naughty Girl (Oli Change Cinematic edit)
Rosey – Naughty Girl (Beyonce Cover)

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Siik! takes on the fiercest of them all.

Dj Siik! slows the tempo on Beyonce‘s Single Ladies just enough to bring to from the dancefloor to the bedroom.

Beyonce – Single Ladies (Siik Rmx)

Check Siik!’s Myspace for more twisted jams.


Dj Earworm perfectly aligns Tom Petty’s Free Falling and Beyonce’s If I were a boy in this mashup,

Dj Earworm – If I were a free fallin\’ boy (Beyonce/Tom Petty mashup)

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