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Silver Medallion

I came by these Scottsdale mates the other day and after fianlly giving them a listen, as they were lost in the week’s downloads, I have been trying my dardest to summarize what this sound could be called. The best I have come up with is, its kind of like Usher meets TI in a bed made by Chromeo….I know random. There is this awkward mix of Hip-pop and electro. And the DTTT contribution to Centerfold only complicates things further. Anyhow, here’s Silver Medallion for ya.

Silver Medallion – Centerfold (DTTT Mix)
Silver Medallion – Slave


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New MIA Song

Despite my impeded ability to think clearly as a result of this lingering cold I have contracted, as I climbed into bed last night all stuffy nosed and teary eyed I realized I left out one of Death to the Throne‘s best sounds of yet from yesterday’s post.

Death to the Throne – New M.I.A. Song

Here is what DTTT had to say about this creation,

1. it’s made up of small bite sized chunks of three different MIA acapellas. i’m much too lazy to write “bucky dun gun+pull up the people+jimmy death to the throne remix”  

2. i imagine (god forbid) that if MIA were to ever die, her record label would probably pump out regurgitated crap like this all day long i.e. tupac, biggie, etc…

3. i think it’ll be funny seeing people go ape shit over a post containing the words “new M.I.A. song.

Source: We like it. Indie

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Death to the throne.

Here’s 3 Death to the Throne remixes I have in the mix right now and so should you.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Poor Song (DTTT Rmx)
Shannon – Let the music play (DTTT Rmx)
Lykke Li – Little Bit (DTTT Rmx)

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