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Uffie and Amanda friend or foe?

In a mailbox post last month I remarked that Don Diablo‘s Larry Tee mix had a little bit of an Uffie/Amanda Blank feel to it without truly acknowledging what I had just implied. In hindsight, I think I may have unintentionally stumbled onto something here – a potential opportunity for collaboration, maybe? Or perhaps a new war amongst the hipster female lyricists? I hope so. How is it that I never connected the fact that two of the most famed and fem hipster-hoppers shared a number of similarities in their music? From their sampling of old skool hip-hop tracks, for which I am certain each were barely, if at all, alive to see in their hay days, to their associations with the scene’s biggest labels, Uffie with Ed Banger and Amanda with Downtown. I had the pleasure of seeing Ms. Blank open for fellow Downtowner, Santogold, last June but would pay some good money to witness Uffie and Amanda go at each other on stage (Just for kicks i’d like to throw Lilly Allen into the mix, as well).

Here’s a somewhat new one new one from the Uffster. I’m happy to see that she’s reviving herself beyond the embarassment of the whole Hollertronix Message Board episode from two years ago,

Uffie – MCs can kiss

And here’s two remixes of Blank’s, Shame On Me, a particular fave of mine off her most recent album, I Love You.

Amanda Blank – Shame on Me (Yuksek Rmx)
Amanda Blank – Shame on Me (Jacknife Lee Extended Rmx)


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Its been sometime since I’ve done a mailbox post, mostly because I’ve been neglectful of the inbox and skim only for familiar or particularly intriguing material. Anyhow, these Don Diablo mixes were dropped in the inbox this week. The first bears a little bit of an Uffie/Amanda Blank feel to it, while the Scanners mix is a little bit different that what we’ve come to expect of the scene’s most recent king of bass. Mr Diablo is cruising the USA at present on his NA Tour. If he happens to stop by your town be sure not to miss the show.

Larry Tee – Let’s Make Nasty (Don Diablo Rmx)
Scanners – Salvation (Don Diablo Rmx)

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Dragonette is back!

Cheers to a welcomed return to one of the better bands to have ever hit the scene.

Dragonette – Fixin to Thrill (Don Diablo Rmx)

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