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Disco Disco Dancer

Unlike most of the blogging community, I’ve not fallen in love with the Golden Filter. Recently, the NYC duo’s track, Thunderbird, and its accompanying video recieved rave reviews throughout the blogosphere but still, I felt little, if any excitement by its hype. I wouldn’t dare deny them the successes of their hard work or belittle their innovative style and production skills; in fact, they’ve come out with some pretty good, though generally safe and mellow, remixes of hits like Cut Copy‘s, Far Away, and Little Boots‘, New in Town (I especially like the piano stint towards the end). I’ve just never really been moved by any of their originals (…yet).

The Golden Filter’s take on O Children’s dark indie track, Disco Disco Dancer, elevates the song’s original tribal sound without making it cheesy and provides the track with a more uplifting sound as it progresses. Two Thumbs up.

O Children – Dead Disco Dancer (Golden Filter Rmx)


Cut Copy – Far Away (Golden Filter Rmx)
Little Boots – New In Town (Golden Filter Rmx)


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Under the Sheets

Ellie Goulding is signed to Neon Gold Records, along with Penguin Prison and Marina & The Diamonds, with whom she will be performing with on a portion of her current European tour. I’m not sure who is opening for who but her performances across the England will also feature the awesome and lovely Little Boots. Anyhow, I was recently introduced to her and while I’m not totally floored by her mostly mellow pop sound, as some are, Under the Sheets is simply fantastic! I’d place the song somewhere between the grooves of a Twelves remix of a Lykke Li tune and the indie vibe of Regina Spektor. If you ask me, I think this tune is a prime base for a Fred Falke remix.

Ellie Goulding – Under the Sheets
Ellie Goulding – Under the Sheets (Friends Electric Rmx)


Lykke Li – I’m Good, I’m Gone (Fred Falke Rmx)

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There’s a lot that’s New In Town.

Little Boots album, Hands, will be released globally on June 9th. When Fred Falke dropped his mix of LB’s New In Town a couple of month back I knew we had another remix hit. I have to admit that I was expecting something from Van She Tech or maybe even Diplo. Despite their absence on this round of remixery, the Emil and Friends is one pleasent surprise. A1 Bassline is certianly no surprise. The guy is the best kind of whore the scene’s got right now.

Little Boots – New In Town
Little Boots – New In Town (Fred Falke Vocal Rmx)
Little Boots – New In Town (Emil Friends Rmx)
Little Boots – New In Town (Golden Filter Rmx)
Little Boots – New In Town (A1 Bassline Rmx)
Little Boots – New In Town (A1 Bassline Attack Rmx)

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The french front-runner, Fred Falke

French house producer/Dj, Fred Falke, is truly a master in his own art. In his decade-long career he’s worked with big-wigs like Alan Braxe and Khris Menace, and never seems to let me down with his ability to renew über popular tracks, turning them into something completely novel for a second time around.

Ladyhawke – Back of the Van (Fred Falke Rmx)
Lykke Li – Im Good, Im Gone (Fred Falke Rmx)
Hot Chip – Colors (Fred Falke Rmx)
Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Rmx)
Little Boots – New In Town (Fred Falke Rmx)

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Give it a chance.

It took me a couple of listens but this track is getting deep under me skin! Perhaps its that everything Little Boots gets her little hands on recently seems to turn to gold or maybe its the nostalgic synths….I am still unsure.

Leave! W Brown w/ Little Boots (zshare)

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