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Tuesday is “today-we’re-going-to-slow-it-down-a-little-day”.

Madonna – Like A Prayer (Glass Cake Cover)

Arcade Fire – We Used to Wait

Washed Out – You and I (Feat. Caroline Polachek

White Hinterland – Icarus

Stars – Wasted Daylight

Jenn Grant – Dreamer


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Like a prayer.

Burning crosses, interratial kissing, head banging and a gospel choir…enough said.

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Green Pink Caviar

New York based artist Marilyn Minter is back at it again. After what seems like almost too long of a time since her 2005 exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, which focused on “hyperrealistic close-ups of seemingly glamorous images, including makeup-laden lips, eyes, and toes” (her words) and received rave reviews, Minter has returned with similar themes in Green Pink Caviar.

Green Pink Caviar is a short film focused on Minter’s fascination with the body and pop culture, and while there is no explicit nudity, this, as well as her other work, is quite sensational and raunchy. From what I’ve gathered, It (appropriately?) debuted when Madonna kicked off her Sticky & Sweet tour on July 4th in London. Madge opened the evening with her new hit “Candy Shop,” and performed under a multi-screen installation of an edited version the film.

I’ll sum up by saying the work is simply vibrant! I’ve not seen the complete film but even the stills are sensual in every way!

You can catch the trailer of Green Pink Caviar here.

Madonna – Candy Shop (Musique’s Remastered Mix)

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