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I truly believed that the wave that was MGMT that permeated every dj set for nearly a year was long over and replaced by the likes of Passion Pit and La Roux. But this weekend I was proven wrong when I witnessed Toronto’s Keys N Krates open with a jam-band version of Kids and Million Dollar Mano incorporate the same tune into the intro of his set, which, if I may take the time to say so, was awesome despite his complete lack of stage presence. Last week, URB mag nominated Kids for Song of the Decade. Now don’t get me wrong, the song is good (okay, great), but this nomination leads me to question if URB has the same perverted fools working for them as Billboard, who recently nominated Nickelback for band of the decade (who were, in contrast, voted worst band in the world by the Uk’s Word magazine), rulling out other competitors like Jay Z and Beyonce. I never thought I would ever be given the chance to utter the name Nickelback on this site. Anyhow, I digress, I awoke this a.m. to find this semi-dubstep take on MGMT’s hit on Audioporn Central. I guess the wave simply retracted to build some strength. Or perhaps its the end of the year and people are feeling particularly nostalgic as they prepare themselves for the holidays. Either way, enjoy.

MGMT – Kids (Bukez Finezt Rmx)


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Ray Tintori on MGMT

Ray Tintori renews MGMT‘s smash hit from last summer in this new vid that I am going to place somewhere in between a Wes Craven flick, Labyrinth and Gremlins.

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Justice rips off Daft Punk. The Game.

So here’s the deal, Justice has robbed Daft Punk of their samples. Daft Punk, who you play, now has to get them back while battling obnoxious and annoying fans and collecting points. Sound way too cool to be true? Click the the start button above to try it for yourself!

Why couldn’t they just be friends, one more time,
Daft Punk vs. Justice – We are your friends one more time (Jamieson Rmx)

…or at least pretend to be one more time,
Daft Punk vs. MGMT – One more time to pretend (Immuzikation Rmx)

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What the?…

Daft Punk and Justice take the Grammys

Daft Punk and Justice take home a Grammy?...or two?

Let me preface this rant by saying that I love Daft Punk and Justice. I nearly cried and certainly considered much worse measures when I was unable to see DP play in both Toronto and Montreal; and Justice, aside from Scream, though it was accompanied by quite the provoking video, what young chap doesn’t or didn’t have an initial love for them and everything that they produced over their MEGA success throughout 2006 and 2007? But this is precisely my point. What the hell year are we in? To my knowledge, neither Justice or Daft Punk produced anything new over the course of music that was 2008. Daft Punk grabbed 2 of the gilded gramophones; the first for Best Electronic/Dance Album for Alive 2007, released in the fall of 2007; the second, Best Dance Rerecording for ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’, a tune that was released nearly a decade ago (2001 to be exact)!!! Justice grabbed Best Remix for their take on MGMT’s ‘Electric Feel’ (Originally released in January 2008).

Either way, the Grammy’s suck, and France’s Daft Punk and Justice rock. I am happy that their success has been recognized on the mainstream level but will be displeased if i am to hear of them referencing that as a measure of their success.

Daft Punk – Touch it/technologic (zshare)
MGMT – Electric Feel (Justice RMX) (zshare)

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2nd best.

wal-mart-with-pride1As I understand it the weekend prior to Christmas is the biggest shopping day of the year and today, boxing day, is the second biggest, but probably the most dangerous. The big sales are frightening and do something to people comparable to being inflicted with an alien strain of rabies. I suggest as you pack your enviro-sacs with gifts to return you consider bringing a discreet weapon and stock your new Ipod Touch with some serious audio-distraction to keep you from being enraged and infected.

Friendly Fires – I\’m Good, I\’m Gone (Lykke Li Cover) (zshare)

Katy Perry – Electric Feel (MGMT Cover) (zshare) 

Vampire Weekend – Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

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