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If you visit here often, you’ve more than likely come to know that I love remixes, remakes, retakes, re…you get the point, and I especially love an indie take on a pop hit. Well, Pompalmoosemusic has hit the beat of my drum here. I can’t find any mp3’s to share but vids are fun to watch. I’m wondering, are they a couple?


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MJ Medley

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I’m sorry…

The death of Michael Jackson and my wireless card coupled with 2 major music festivals, Bluesfest and Osheaga, both of which afforded me very little if any sleep over the last month, on top of me living out of a back pack and acquiring new responisbilities  at the office has really impeded by ability to provide as much as attention as I would like to dystimulation and its fans – regular, sporadic and random. However, life is slowly restoring itself to normal and I can say with some degree of certainty that I am back and will begin my regular postings as the summer continues to wind down.

In light of the lack of sun and beach time my corner of the country has been experiencing, I see this Hey Champ mix as probably the most appropriate track to pass on at this time – perhaps a wish or prayer of sorts.

French Horn Rebellion vs. Database – “Beaches and Friends” (Hey Champ Rmx)

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Wonder Wonderful

Since being discovered singing on a street corner at age 11 in 1961, Stevie Wonder has become one of the world’s greatest musical artists and social activists. JT, MJ, Jason Kay, Tupac, Prince, Barak Obama and a host of others have cited the 25-time Grammy-award winning artist as inspiration to their own successes. As one of the most sampled artists ever – sharing the stage with few others but James Brown and Michael Jackson – Wonder’s passionate lyrics and brilliant talents as an multi-instrumentalist have paved the electronic music scene through its capture of popular music in recent years. In nearly half a century Wonder has collaborated with best of the best from nearly every decade, including, B.B. King, Chaka Khan and Lenny Kravitz. I can only hope the duration of his life will be as mutually rewarding for us all.

I’ve been waiting my life to see/hear Mr. Wonder and though thunderstorms are forecast for Ottawa, MTL and pretty much the entire East coast, nothing Mother Nature can throw at me and my mates will stop us from seeing the FREE show Stevie is scheduled to play tonight at the opening of le Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, which is also a pre-inauguration for Montreal’s new Place de Festivals.

Stevie Wonder – Master Blaster (Jammin’)
Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Stevie Wonder – All I Do
Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke
Stevie Wonder – Uptight

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The dust has yet to settle.

The dust has yet to settle, so kick back and remember the good times.

Michael Jackson – Rock with you (Frankie Knuckels Rmx)

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In light of yesterday’s untimly passing I think a little rocking-out is more than necessary. My appologies for the lack of Michael in this edition of TGIF, I’m limited to what has been prepreped in advance as I am at work without access to the library. Happy Friday.

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Der Die Das Rmx)
The Roots – The Seed 3.0 (Don Diablo Rmx)
Tunderheist – Nothing 2 Step 2 (Futurecop! Rmx)
The Penelopes – Stuck in Lalaland (80 Kidz Rmx)

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I am speechless.

I’ll let the following vids do the speaking for me. R.I.P.

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My life is on repeat…

…But thankfully so are these new jams. Pump it! The Dream‘s, Walking on the Moon, is reportedly inspired by the former (sadly) king of pop, Michael Jackson.

Groove Armada – Drop the Tough (Twelves b-live Club Rmx)
The Glamour – Loveburn
The Dream – Walking on the Moon ft. Kanye West
Ace of Base – All That She Wants (The Disco Villains Rmx)
Flosstradamus – Big Bills ft. Caroline Polachek

Here’s the vid for the Flosstradamus track – Kind of flighty if you ask me. Caroline, the lead singer of Brooklyn’s Chairlift, reminds me a little of Feist. In fact the vid kind of takes a low-budget Feist approach. (Note: that is a compliment to Feist but an insult to Floss’s vid)

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