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In light of yesterday’s untimly passing I think a little rocking-out is more than necessary. My appologies for the lack of Michael in this edition of TGIF, I’m limited to what has been prepreped in advance as I am at work without access to the library. Happy Friday.

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Der Die Das Rmx)
The Roots – The Seed 3.0 (Don Diablo Rmx)
Tunderheist – Nothing 2 Step 2 (Futurecop! Rmx)
The Penelopes – Stuck in Lalaland (80 Kidz Rmx)


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Lisztomania Mania!

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Yusek Rmx)
Phoenix – Lisztomania (Classixxx Rmx)
Phoenix – Lisztomania (Tremulance Rmx)

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1901…legal download.

I recieved my first DMCA violation notice the other day for posting Phoenix‘s killer new jam, 1901. If you really want it, and I know that you do, they are offering it to you themselves here.

I suppose we might consider this a rite of passage for a reletivly new blogger. So, yay me!

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Buddy, get your facts straight!

When composing yesterday’s post I had overlooked the fact that Phoenix has been around for some time now. It took me years to track down the name and artist of If I Ever Feel Better, released in 2000, mostly because it sounds as if the lead is sung by a women. Anyhow, my mistake. Here’s the tune off of an earlier album of theirs, United.

Phoenix – If I Ever Feel Better

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I posted this track by Pheonixa couple of weeks back knowing it would fall subject to the remixery of many indie heads out there. Here is just a sample of the many remixes that have emerged since its release in March. I often think that indie bands that get overplayed through the remix circuit become one hit wonders but after reviewing some of their other tunes I hope they are privileged enough to stick around. Liztomania is one of my other faves (next to 1901). Their album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, is set for release May 26.

Phoenix – 1901
Phoenix – 1901 (David Miller Nu wave Rmx)
Phoenix – 1901 (What kind of breeze do you blow mix)
Phoenix – Liztomania

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Teenagers vs. 1901

The Teenagers, a band that was initially formed as a joke amongst friends but has since gained global hipsterific notoriety, have tweaked Phoenix‘s 1901 perfectly. While Teenagers mix doesn’t deviate from the original too much, it does add the perfect indie-synth pop feel that they are known for and just enough to give 1901 the umph it needed.

Phoenix – 1901 (The Teenagers Garage Band Rmx)

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