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U2 is always looking for Justice…

Well Justice found them!

I often hear radio hits that I think would make perfect subjects for a Justice remake. This edit of U2‘s Get On Your Boots is one I have been hoping for. While its not quite as good (or as epic) as we have come to expect of the parisian electro duo, its a solid listen worth putting in to this week’s playlist.

U2 – Get On Your Boots (Justice Rmx)


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U2 Video

Here is the promo vid to U2‘s new song, Get on your boots. Not sure I agree with the approach they took – all the female figures looking down from above as if to say their importance isn’t realized until they become a part of the past, but its a good first single nonetheless.

Maybe I just don’t know, I just don’t get it.

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Crooked boots

U2‘s new album, No Line On the Horizon, releases globally today! And Italian hip-hop electro heads,  Crookers, preempt this release with their remix of the first single of the album, Get on your boots.

It took a couple of listens to truly appreciate it but I am now I am sitting with it on repeat,

U2 – Get on your boots (Crookers Rmx)

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