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Leslie Feist

Yesterday evening I was watching Live at the rehearsal Studio and I was reminded as to why I love Canadian starlet, Leslie Feist. Her soulful voice is a throw-back to lost times, which pays homage to many great voices of the 40s and 50s, like Edith Piaf. While she embraces the past, Feist effortlessly storms into the future as she incorporates electronic sounds into her music for our modern musings, which is why her tunes might have become an instrument of remixery by many masters’ of the art, like Diplo, Boys Noize, LifeLike, Van She Tech and fellow Canadian electro pop duo, Chromeo.

Feist – My Moon, My Man
Feist – 1234 (Vanshe Tech Rmx)
Feist – I Feel it All (Diplo Rmx)


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Counting with K-os – Video!

Just in time for the summer rush of releases, Kevin Brereton, aka K-os is back with the debut from his upcoming album, Yes!. Pretty typical if I may say so. Simple beat with a mellow break towards the end though the rhymes are notably advanced in comparison to his catchy Crabbukit days. The vid is standard. Cinematography enhances the already great dancers, reclaiming the urban landscape from the confines of social control. woot.

BONUS! Apparently Canadian indie artists like to showcase their musical talents by integrating them with their ability to count. In all seriousness though, I love Feist. And Van She Tech got it right with this jam for sure.

Feist – 1234 (Van She Tech Rmx)

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My life is on repeat…

…But thankfully so are these new jams. Pump it! The Dream‘s, Walking on the Moon, is reportedly inspired by the former (sadly) king of pop, Michael Jackson.

Groove Armada – Drop the Tough (Twelves b-live Club Rmx)
The Glamour – Loveburn
The Dream – Walking on the Moon ft. Kanye West
Ace of Base – All That She Wants (The Disco Villains Rmx)
Flosstradamus – Big Bills ft. Caroline Polachek

Here’s the vid for the Flosstradamus track – Kind of flighty if you ask me. Caroline, the lead singer of Brooklyn’s Chairlift, reminds me a little of Feist. In fact the vid kind of takes a low-budget Feist approach. (Note: that is a compliment to Feist but an insult to Floss’s vid)

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