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The rumour mill’s a running…

So apparently the amazing voice but not always so brilliantly dressed Christina Aguilera is releasing a new album this coming April. The album is to be titled ‘Bionic’ and is reported to be a complete departure from her past work, though we can expect the recently subdued diva to deliver the R&B and pop vocals she was bread to deliver. The best part is, sources tell me that producers for the album include Sia, Ladytron, Goldfrapp, M.I.A., and Santogold! Ask yourself this: How much would you give to see all of these fine femmes grace the stage together?

The videos below are rumoured to be leaks of what’s to expect off the album, but some think they might actually be promos for Goldfrapp’s upcoming album.

Here’s a old Aguilera fave of mine,

Christina Aguilera – Dirrty (feat Redman)

And of course, as everyone should know, its nothing without the video:

And while we are talking about the rumour mill, what the F happened with this reported Justice fake?

Justice FAKE – Beginning of the End

Everytime a new wild electro tune is released its as if it sparks electro-nostalgia in all of us and the game of telephone around the school yard begins. We sit there with the song on repeat, praying for validation that this is it, this return of good production and neon-laced afterparties in France with Thomas Bangalter (ok that was a dream I had recently, but anyway). We react as if there was something we missed amidst the Jutice-balloo of a couple summers back or the Daft Punk-mania of the 90’s. Let us rest assured, those moments are ephemeral at best. Patience is sure to bring us something good. Sadly, Daft Punk’s recently released, Crash, isn’t going to be it.

Daft Punk – The Crash


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The Girl and the Robot

Royksopp‘s The Girl and the Robot off their album, Junior, is still as hot as it was when it dropped back in April and doesn’t seem as if it’ll be losing speed anytime soon. But if there were anything to help this pre-summer track maintain its current epic state, it is a killer vid featuring Swedish sensation Robyn, looking hella sexy and in love with robots as if the cyber-world of Daft Punk has come alive at the drop of ‘sopp’s synths.

Royksopp – The Girl and the Robot feat. Robyn

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Music Sounds Better with You.

Some jams just never get old, especially those that were produced in excess of a decade ago by artists still taking the world by storm today. Stardust, a Parisian trio comprised of famed producers Alan Braxe and Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk), and pop-vocalist Benjamin Diamond forged themselves into one hit wonders in their own right. But Music Sounds Better with You wasn’t just a catchy tune one hummed as they twiddled their thumb at the bus stop or screamed at the top of thier lungs while loaded on wine coolers with their girlfriends moments before a well needed time-out in the ladies room – its near epic presence has never left the mixtape, dancefloor or after party! Every basement dj from here to there has attempted their own take on the house track, and while many measure up in permiting new generations to be permeated by the song’s innate excellence, none will be as good as the original.      

Stradust – Music Sounds Better with You.
Music Sounds Better with You (In Miami Horror Rmx)
Stardust – Music Sounds Better 2008 (DiscoTech Rmx)

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Better in Paris.

Most things are better in Paris. Especially food. I am sure that the report I have been writing for two days would be better done in Paris.

MSTRKRFT/Stardust – Music sounds better in paris

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Justice rips off Daft Punk. The Game.

So here’s the deal, Justice has robbed Daft Punk of their samples. Daft Punk, who you play, now has to get them back while battling obnoxious and annoying fans and collecting points. Sound way too cool to be true? Click the the start button above to try it for yourself!

Why couldn’t they just be friends, one more time,
Daft Punk vs. Justice – We are your friends one more time (Jamieson Rmx)

…or at least pretend to be one more time,
Daft Punk vs. MGMT – One more time to pretend (Immuzikation Rmx)

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Daft Punk / TRN2

Parisian electronica duo, Daft Punk, have been commissioned to produce the score for Disney’s, TRN2, the sequel to the 1982 sci-fi classic, Tron. This will be the first time the pair will be back in the studio since 2005’s Human After All. Film is not new to Daft Punk; the two produced and directed their own film, Electroma, which ironically enough featured none of their own music. However, this will mark a new challenge for the masters of post-modern electronic music in coordinating the sound/music for a feature length, Hollywood-sized film.

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What the?…

Daft Punk and Justice take the Grammys

Daft Punk and Justice take home a Grammy?...or two?

Let me preface this rant by saying that I love Daft Punk and Justice. I nearly cried and certainly considered much worse measures when I was unable to see DP play in both Toronto and Montreal; and Justice, aside from Scream, though it was accompanied by quite the provoking video, what young chap doesn’t or didn’t have an initial love for them and everything that they produced over their MEGA success throughout 2006 and 2007? But this is precisely my point. What the hell year are we in? To my knowledge, neither Justice or Daft Punk produced anything new over the course of music that was 2008. Daft Punk grabbed 2 of the gilded gramophones; the first for Best Electronic/Dance Album for Alive 2007, released in the fall of 2007; the second, Best Dance Rerecording for ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’, a tune that was released nearly a decade ago (2001 to be exact)!!! Justice grabbed Best Remix for their take on MGMT’s ‘Electric Feel’ (Originally released in January 2008).

Either way, the Grammy’s suck, and France’s Daft Punk and Justice rock. I am happy that their success has been recognized on the mainstream level but will be displeased if i am to hear of them referencing that as a measure of their success.

Daft Punk – Touch it/technologic (zshare)
MGMT – Electric Feel (Justice RMX) (zshare)

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